Pros And Cons Of Using Compost Tumblers

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In the recent years composting has seen a rising popularity as people have known the importance of organic farming. There are lots of decomposable and organic wastes that we put to the garbage daily. These organic wastes can be transformed into valuable fertilizers that enrich the soil. The use of compost bins for the process of composting is a common practice in every house. There are a lot of options of compost bins and tumblers available in the market. Compost Bin HQ are of great use for people who do compost at offers various services for setting up an organic farm. It helps people to choose the best types of compost bins based on their need.

Compost bins offer several advanced features that your conventional compost heaps does not offer. This article discusses the advantages and disadvantages of using compost tumblers for composting of wastes.

Disadvantages Of Using Compost Bins Or Tumblers Before you buy a compost bin, you need to consider various aspects of using compost as it is not the conventional way of collecting garbage. A compost bin is not useful for managing bulk wastes, and it takes the time to break into useful components. You can use compost bins during summer with proper insulations provided. Compost bins are not of much use during winter season. One of the important disadvantages of using a compost bin is the quality of the nutrients that you get from waste collected using it.

The amount and type of nutrients you get from conventional heap compost varies from the tumbler compost. In the heap compost, the worm breaks down the complex organic wastes into useful nutrients. The compost present in tumblers is obtained by the work of fungi and bacteria which decomposes the waste. The texture of the compost collected from a tumbler is entirely different from the compost obtained from the heap.

Advantages Of Compost Tumblers The compost bin is an ideal solution for the people who face rodent problems in their house. Traditional compost bins require large air gaps. This serves as a threat as vermin attacks the wastes stored. A compost tumbler is made up of metal and does not require any air gaps. It can be hanged off the ground. Compost tumbler compost is the best choice for composting wastes like meat and fish. As the temperature of the compost bins increases the wastes starts to break naturally. Compost tumblers come with roller wheels and options for turning and tilting the bin. With the help of tumbler bins with wheels, you can move your compost to the desired place. A wheeled tumbler bin can be moved to your back yard, your porch or the lawn area to collect the debris or to use the compost for enriching your soil.

A compost tumbler is a perfect choice to decompose large volumes of grass clippings. It also prevents the sludge and foul smell from the compost. You can also go for higher end turning tumbler bins for rotating the tumbler bins easily. Remember to add drainage holes in your compost bins so that the water drains easily. Compost tumblers can be used for composting wastes when you want your entire family to involve in this process.