Step Wise Guide To Apply Paste Wax For Your Wooden Work

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Wood has been widely used for interior designing, flooring and furnishing for ages. With its natural and compatible feel, it can fit in any interiors. We get all the cabinets, cupboards, modular kitchen and utility shelves built in the wooden finish so that it stays sober as well as looks classy. To give it that perfect natural sheen, touch up with paste wax becomes imperative. The best way is to take the opinion of woodwork expert regarding the type of wax to be used based upon kind of wood and texture used. The Furniture Connoisseur, one of the famous dealers of woodwork offer dedicated services for waxing of wooden furniture. On you can review various types of wax to be used for wood art pieces, furniture etc.

Certain advantages of using paste wax include:

1. It gives the piece of wooden furniture and artwork the right amount of antique and favorable sheen. Also unlike silicon finishes, Wax finish stays or longer. 2. This wax dries up fast and does not smudge and also avoid dust and dirt to settle down on it. 3. With the right number of cot applied, these waxes prevent the natural moisture of wood which keeps the fresh look intact. 4. It also saves the wooden surface from any abrasion. Since the surface becomes slippery, it does not allow objects to dig in and to scrape it. 5. Paste wax adds back the beauty and color to an old piece of furniture and makes it look new. 6. The best way to use it is over the existing finish like varnish, shellac, oil, lacquers etc., this way it gives an extra protective shield.

The process to apply the paste wax involves: • Apply the wax with a clean cotton cloth wrapped around the fingers and moving it in the circular motion, focusing on a little region at once, matching with the grains in the natural wood. • After surface becomes dull, wipe off the excess wax. • Continue the process, till the whole piece of furniture is finished. • Use a soft fabric or wool cushion attached to an electric bore or a power candle to polish the surface to get the desired shine. • Allow the first coat to settle down for at least 24 hours and then apply the next layer. Few things to be kept in mind while applying the wax is using the right quantity at a time. Secondly the texture of cloth used for buffing the wax-like cotton or wool cushion, so that it does not leave its residue into the wax. Lastly right technique (circular motion) with the proper level of pressure on hand is what is vital to achieving the desired look of the furniture. Buffing with a light hand will give satin sheen, more buffing will provide higher glossy sheen. Need to time the process of bussing carefully. If you start buffing too soon before the solvent has appropriately evaporated, you would be stripping the wax off the wooden surface.

Another question is how often should you apply the wax. It depends on the usage and cleaning of the wooden piece. Since every time it is wiped to remove the dust, a minute amount of wax gets removed. Therefore, soon it will lose its sheen, and that is the time it requires another touchup.