An Introduction To Natural And Mechanical Ventilation

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There should be a proper ventilation for buildings and homes. If there is no ventilation or poor ventilation, it can cause dirt to build up and thus resulting in allergies and other health-related issues. A reliable and efficient ventilation system helps to get the polluted air out and allowing clean and fresh air to come in. It is a viable option to have a natural ventilation. However, there are a lot of other issues relating to variability and reliability. has got solutions for all your ventilation relating issues, says When compared to natural ventilation, many people opt for mechanical ventilation as it has got more efficiency.

A mechanical process is required for a room or a house to be consistently ventilated. Since natural ventilation, which as the name suggests does not take any other help, it lacks the mechanical process. The only way for natural ventilation is the air infiltration through doors and windows. Air infiltration varies according to the size of the building. If it is a big building, air can pass through small openings. Having said that, even though the air filtration will happen, the indoor air quality will be affected. Why is natural ventilation not possible in modern buildings? It is because of the dust, energy and other noises that are associated with doors being open. Small homes reduce the incoming air flow, because of lack of space.

For the long-term benefit, natural ventilation is considered as the best. This is because a lot of factors work together so that the cold air can be removed and new air can come into the room. The drawbacks of natural ventilation are that the airflow cannot be controlled, so is the driving forces. Having said about the driving forces, it is important to know about them. They are the stack effect, mechanical effect and the wind effect. Homes are perfect examples for having these driving forces while big buildings are run by the external factors such as the climate, the temperature. It is an important thing to know about the interaction of these factors with the construction and size of the building.

The building's airflow will be difficult to control because of the change in the natural ventilation driving forces. It is dependent upon each state, weather and building shapes. Moisture issues can happen during winter as the air inside can create the issues often. The same effect will happen in summer. At that time, the air that comes in can create cavities in the building walls. These issues will later affect the durability of the building.

The Mechanical ventilation can cover all the shortfalls that a natural ventilation can cover. It will allow the moist air from kitchens and bathroom to go out while allowing fresh air to come in. The mechanical ventilation can have a good control over the natural building ventilation as it is not dependent upon external factors like temperature or weather. This is why a mechanical ventilation is considered to be a good one when compared to natural ventilation.